> brennan

b2 app update

web app for mobile & desktop recoded, javascript updates,

functions edited & new functions added, for :
  • faster music files upload
  • zero b2 player upload conflicts
  • multiple devices access b2 zero sync network traffic
  • mobile or laptop, sync only when using device
  • more information ...
> sauce update, frees up your network from static sync traffic

while respecting your privacy, as the b2 is free from the

internet to play your music

recoded to accompany the excellent b2 software from brennan.co.uk, designed to offer an alternative client, for busy networks, fast music uploads, & freedom from the internet

recoded mobile web app, recoded desktop web app, new javascript functions & style updates bundled in the same b2.tar.gz format

update brennan b2, copy b2.tar.gz to FAT32 USB stick, on brennan b2, plug stick into USB C port, select : > settings > maintenance > sw upgrade

donation is via Paypal Me

information terms & conditions terms

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