brennan b2 app

desktop | mobile recoded

web app update release, updated responsive design, decluttered desktop, default mobile & youtube view optional

in addition to new treble & bass controls in desktop mobile view, removal of static network polling, replaced with network efficient event polling

the b2 can now get on with playing music, radio or uploading files without any network polling frequency interruptions

additionally the b2 app no longer requires an internet connection to play stored music, release includes many changes, new javascript functions and style updates

update includes: recoded mobile web app, recoded desktop web app and new javascript bundled in the same zip format b2.tar.gz

update brennan b2, copy b2.tar.gz to usb stick, on brennan b2 select upgrade via USB

b2 update why?

brennan b2 is a fantastic piece of kit, with great software support

on a busy family network, however, static polling became a problem

frequently getting in the way of uploadng music & sometimes the radio

the client web app also required an internet connection

> sauce donationware update is free from static network polling

free from polling traffic user experience issues

and free from the internet, to play your stored music how you want

b2 update what?

software release includes many changes, new and modified javascript, performance & style updates

mobile & laptop event driven sync, syncs with the brennan b2 music server only when needed, just this one feature has many advantages, including :

  • music files upload, faster
  • zero b2 server upload conflicts
  • multiple devices access b2 server without sync network traffic overhead
  • mobile or laptop, sync only when using device
in addition to the many javascript and user interface updates designed to improve performance & user experience

b2 update how?

> sauce donationware download is offered for free

information terms & conditions terms

> donate to fund future updates